Ola Sobanski

MA 80942


LMT, AumaKhua-Ki® Master, Reiki, RYT-300

About Ola

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Ayurvedic: Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Ola Sobanski, LMT has been involved in the Healings Arts for over 10 years. In addition to being an experienced massage therapist, Ola is a Qigong and Tai Qi Instructor with Medical Qigong Training and is an Energy Practitioner of several modalities. Allow her to energetically nurture you through your healing process, restoring balance to body and mind. Whether you are in need of pain relief, recovery from an injury, seek improvement in circulation, or simply wish to detoxify and strengthen the body, Ola’s healing touch through both traditional and Ayurvedic channels will leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored.


Abhyana & Shirodhara

Key components of an Ayurvedic Detox


Warm herb-infused oils stimulate lymphatic flow


Strengthens the immune system


Restore balance for well-being


Relieve physical pain



“I love the work Ola does. Every session goes deeper and deeper. I feel refreshed, more energized and clearer. During the last session, I experienced several shifts on a cellular level and felt powerful micro adjustments that improved my posture. Thank you!”

Mary Yardley, LMT

“I found myself quickly relaxed and releasing deep-seated anxieties almost immediately. I continued to feel the effects even days later. I am thankful for the balance and peacefulness Ola helped me achieve and I look forward to working with her more on deeper and deeper levels.”

Stephanie B.

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