Harry Luton

MA 77489

LMT, RYT 200

About Harry Luton

Craniosacral Therapy

Harry’s interest in the body’s energy system began with his healing breakthroughs from Craniosacral Therapy. His work is informed by an intuitive sense for the body’s needs, supported by nine years of experience in energy-based healing and meditation. He currently offers Craniosacral Therapy at the I AM Wellness™ Center in Salt Springs, Florida.


About Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, hands-on modality that is directed to release restrictions

Target pain and disfunction to improve whole-body health and performance


Release tension in the soft tissues that surround the Central Nervous System


Deep relaxation to facilitate emotional healing


Musculoskeletal realignment



“Three months ago I had a double fracture in the humerus in my shoulder, and I was having a lot of pain…Hari started with a half hour moving the stagnant energy out of my shoulder and arm, and the pain went away. The next day I received a full hour session on the legs, and the next day he treated the hips and the spine. I felt like a new person, and all the pains were relieved.

I will recommend Hari as a very gifted and skilled energy healer, as I am practicing myself energy healing and I was very impressed by his talents.”

Catherine F. Meyer-Zelnicek Ed.D, MA, holistic mental health therapist, shamanistic practitioner 

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