I AM Wellness™ Center

Staff Rate Policy

Rate Policy

1) The Staff rate is a discount of 50% (plus a $4 charge per service). This means that any service that a qualifying Staff Member receives from a Therapist through the Amrit Yoga Institute’s I AM Wellness™ Center, will be paying 50% of the listed service price, plus $4.

2) Qualifying Staff Members include:

    a) All Board Members of AYI

    b) All Employees of AYI.

    c) All Seva currently actively enrolled in any of the following program(s):

       i) Seva Lifestyle Program

       ii) Assisting or teaching in a program at AYI

       iii) Special project or consideration Approved by Board, case by case (see attached list of those already approved)

    d) Does not apply to:

         i) Independent Contractors (wellness staff can trade with each other)

         ii) Remote Seva,

         iii) Short Term Seva or Karma Yoga Retreat

         iv) Former staff/Seva

    e) This policy is in effect starting 9/1/2019 and, and in the event, that it is modified, updated, replaced, revoked, or otherwise amended.

    f) This discount is non-transferrable (to family, friends, etc.)

3) At the discretion of the I AM Wellness Therapist they may give any Client or Staff a 20% Discount. The 50% split between Therapists and AYI would still apply. For example, if there is a $100 service and you give someone this 20% discount, the Therapist would receive $40 and AYI would receive $40.

4) The discounted rates above apply only to individual services. The discounted rates do not apply to the following:

     i) Packaged services

     ii) Any promotional ‘service of the month’

     iii) Any service performed by a guest or visiting therapist (unless otherwise specified)

5) The Staff rate above applies only to services performed in the I AM Wellness™ CenterThe discounted rate of 50% does not apply to the following:

     i) Programs held on-the-road (off campus)

     ii) Programs held internationally Regardless of one’s capacity as a Staff Member or Seva

6) The Staff/Seva rate above cannot be combined with other discounts and/or promotions that are offered through the I AM Wellness™ Center

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