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Yoga Therapy, Integral Breath Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Reiki Master

Kenyon “Ashvini” Gatlin is a deeply intuitive Yoga Therapist, drawing on 17 years of experience to guide her clients to access their inner wisdom in order to heal and rebalance the body. As a result of the various modalities comprising her expertise, Ashvini incorporates a fine-tuned approach that is specific to your needs and the challenges you face. You will be empowered to free yourself from the bonds of anxiety and frustration, so you can discover and directly experience your own inner peace and love!


About Yoga Therapy

Through the use of supported floor poses and energy techniques, you can:

Relieve physical pain


Experience deep peace and calm


Improve mental clarity and focus


Receive intuitive insights to life challenges



I have been grieving the loss of my mother and haven’t been able to feel complete with this experience until I had yoga therapy with Kenyon. I was able to cry and feel I am letting go. I feel very connected now with my mother’s spirit and in tune with nature.”

Jennifer Dewitt, Business Owner

Working with Kenyon helped me realize emotions I didn’t know I had stored within me. In one of my sessions I felt I had been freed of a situation that happened in my past. Now, even if I am uncomfortable in situations, I am still able to be content.”

Shannon Sharp, Yoga Teacher

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