Eddie “Ashok” Rodriguez


LMT-A, Thai Yoga massage

About Ashok

Thai Yoga Massage, Movement Facilitator

Ashok studied Yoga and Ayurveda passionately; he Studied and assisted the teachings at the Bodhi Sangha School of Thai Massage for over a year. While at this school, he increased exponentially his ability to move and dance gracefully with this ancient healing art known as “Nuad Boran” in Thailand, This sacred form of energy-body work is based on a synthesis of Yoga, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine.


About Dancing Thai Yoga

The client wears comfortable yoga clothing and lies on a large mat on the floor.

The dance combines clearing energy lines (Nadis) with gentle assisted yoga stretches and mindful breathing (Pranayamas) with deep-tissue manipulation and energy points (Marma) stimulation.

The one-on-one sessions allow you to completely relax and receive the benefit of both stretching and compression in your body, leaving you healed, feeling expansive, refreshed, and spacious in your body.

Reduced sub-acute and chronic pain.


Increase flexibility and range of motion.


Relaxes the body and quiets the mind…a natural Meditation.


Calm the nervous system and release stress.


Boost of vital life energy and the immune system.


A direct way to Heal the pain of separation.


Improve and stimulate digestion.



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Ashok - Thai Yoga Massage
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Joe DiScala on Ashok - Thai Yoga Massage

I’ve been getting Thai Yoga since the 70s he was as good as the best and better than the majority I loved my experience and time with him Jai

by Christiane on Ashok - Thai Yoga Massage

The treatment with Ashok was very beneficial. After 24 hours of international travel, I had a stiff shoulder and hip. Ashok consciously and intuitively stretched my body in such a way that the pain disappeared and I slept beautiful a night. I highly recommend anyone to try this not so well known treatment. I returned a week later, my body responded even more into the yoga stretch.

by Garrett La Valley on Ashok - Thai Yoga Massage

Ashok has a great feel as a movement facilitator and can intuitively discover the right point and intensity for your body. He is a great thai yoga practitioner!

by Dr. Fred Covan on Ashok - Thai Yoga Massage

I have been receiving bodywork for over 45 years. Ashok is one most talented, healing practitioner as I have ever experienced.

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